Three for Three Supercar Experience – Austin Texas


A World-Class two-hour Experience. A short chalk talk and track tour followed by your three cars for three laps each for just $899.

Additional cars are discounted! No Experience is required to drive!


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GREAT VALUE! THREE EXOTIC SUPERCARS FOR THREE LAPS EACH IN A SUPERCAR EXPERIENCE IN AUSTIN TEXAS! WHAT A SUPERCAR EXPERIENCE! Choices include Cobra, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Porsche GT3. Three for Three Supercar Experience – Austin Texas

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Three for Three Supercar Experience – Austin Texas

Please arrive 15mins before your scheduled time for registration for this Exotic Supercar Experience. After a short skills chalk talk, you will enjoy a track familiarization tour where our chief instructor will show you the track, braking zones, acceleration zones, visual focal points, and a lot more really cool track craft stuff! You will then return to the main staging area where you will be placed in the car of your dreams to experience the track, the car, and yourself.

Take the time to breathe in the fine exotic leather, listen to the symphony of the motor and enjoy the rapid view on the way by. You will have a professional drivers coach by your side, keyed in on your interests, the whole way to guide you along. ‘Check this one off the bucket list’.

We have a special area for family and friends as they are welcome to come and take pictures and videos in the Exotic Supercar that they just had the time of their life in!

Please allow about 2 hours for this experience. Please wear long pants and a narrow shoe with a flat sole as shoes or boots with heels will not be allowed in the cars. Heels make it difficult to drive these Exotics with their tiny pedals. Bring your driver’s license and your credit card. We will supply the required helmet. You are good to go!