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Imagine the fun of driving an Exotic Supercar on a guided tour down a scenic twisty road through Arizona’s beautiful desert mountain scape!  The smell of the fine leather, the hum of the engine and the fun of the road have never been so enjoyable!

The Supercar GT Tour is just that.

You will launch from our designated meeting place in North Scottsdale. You will then drive three different Exotic Supercar Tour cars with a few other guests for a few accelerating hours of fun down to scenic Bartlett Lake and back which is just north of Scottsdale. About 60 miles round trip!

We will take some photos of you by your ride down at the lake and email them to you immediately!  All the thumbs up from passing drivers and people at the side of the road are free!

Most exotic car rentals in the area will ask for well over $1000.   They do not offer you an interesting route and won’t supply a fellow piston head that knows everything about cars and the area.  Supporting conversation is free. If you want to ride with a guest add $100. If you want to split the driving add $150.  You can click and add that option at the bottom of checkout page.

Corporate programs and group programs are also with multiple cars, catering and so much more available.

The cars available for the Supercar GT Tour are the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren MP4 12C and the Porsche GT3.  Car may vary for each trip.

We are the only business in Arizona that offers Exotic car rentals for these types of tours.

*Some dates may not appear bookable on this site but may be available.  We will confirm your booking with a phone call.*

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