Ferrari Club – Desert Region Track Day – January 16, 2022




Let your Ferrari stretch its legs on the track
Sunday January 16, 2022
We all enjoy our Ferraris navigating around the public roads .  Lets face it they are high performance cars designed and build to let themselves really go!. On the race track with qualified and experienced instructors you can explore the beast side of your machine.
One of our fellow members, David Zubick, owns Racing Adventures, which is the oldest continuous operating Motorsports Experience company in North America. He also operates Hooked on Driving Track Days in Southern California, Arizona and Texas, and is the owner and operator of GT Racing Legends, and GrandSport Speedway in Houston, Texas. He has been a professional racer since 1988 with several Formula Car and GT Championships under his belt. 
Once again David has offered to hold an FCA only track day for FCA club members on January 16, 2022 at Arizona Motorsports Park. We’ll have professional instructors to help everyone from the novice who’s never driven on a track to those with lots of experience, so everyone can progress at their own pace. Even if you have no desire to ever race this will help you get more out of your car and be able to handle it better in safety. If you’d rather bring another brand instead of your Ferrari, that’s OK too.
We will run two types of sessions
1) Novice – This group will participate two 20 minute sessions behind a pace car.
2) Experience – This group will run two 20 minute sessions behind a pace car at higher speeds.
The sessions will be coordinated so that the participants rotate on the roll and take turns driving right behind the pace car to learn the correct racing line.
The day will begin with lunch and a chalk talk for all participants. This chat will set out the program schedule and expectations of all the drivers for the day followed by a track familiarization tour to show everyone the track and teach some additional high performance tips.
The two groups will then split with their coaches to give them the appropriate instruction for their driving level and to answer all questions.
The driver investment will be only $350 each with a minimum participant count of 15 cars and includes lunch, beverages and helmet rental.  All members are welcome to come and watch but we do need to know how many people to expect so that we can order enough lunches so please let us know if you are bringing anyone with you.
Arizona Motorsports Park is a clean first class privately owned facility located in Goodyear right beside Luke Air force Base.  The track is smooth and we’ll use the West Track which is about 1.3 miles. It’s easy to learn and fun and has a nice straight-away and decent smooth run off. Some cars may have issues with sound restrictions, however we have not found this for Ferrari’s with stock exhausts.
If you are not sure about this track event talk to the 15 members that came last year and they will let you know how much they learned and fun they had!