Arizona Exotic Supercar Track Day Group


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Welcome to the Arizona Exotic Supercar Track Day Group!

With us you can run your exotic car on the racetrack, interact, skilled build, network and enjoy.

This is a private and closed group.  You must be invited or qualify our application for participation.

We are the only Truly Exclusive organization in the Phoenix area that will allow its special members access to six track days a year locally on three different tracks with four different configurations.  Our most important goal is to create an environment for like minded individuals to learn and enjoy high performance driving in a organized race track environment with respect to cars of this level.

In addition to the track days will will include two fun and casual road rallies for friends and families as well as an annual Holiday Party.

If you are new to track days we have a novice group for your first time out.  This is a comprehensive program that will teach you the basic to advance high performance Driving Techniques.  It is included in your membership.  We will always have a few ride along driver coaches at each event to help you along the way.  We can a private coach for the day if you really want to work on some of your skills.

If you have acceptable experience on your drivers resume you will of course be able to get right to the track sessions.

The 2017 Schedule is as follows:


Please click here for an application.