We all have it at one point or another — a lead foot that has a mind of its own, including the speed limit! When you find yourself in the hot seat going above the speed limit there are things you can do to make your visit from law enforcement a little more tolerable!


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Three Tips to Follow When You’re Pulled Over


Being pulled over is never a fun situation, but if you were caught speeding, it is a part of the job description of the patrol officer. Make it a more pleasant experience by following the pointers below.


Be safe.


There are a million things that go through your mind when you see the flashing red and blue lights from behind, but it matters what you do in the following moments. When you pull over ensure you do the following:


  • Pull over in a safe spot – It can be stressful pulling over and you may panic for a moment. It is important to pause and pull over in a safe location. This isn’t pulling over into a turn lane or right at the stop sign — it’s going a little further so as not to cause another traffic incident.


  • Pull over far enough – One of the ways law enforcement gets killed or injured is when the person does not pull over far enough. Remember, they have to get out of their car and talk to you — leave more than enough space for the officer and oncoming traffic to pass safely.


Shed the arrogance.


Many times we are charged and don’t want to admit fault for not stopping at a stop sign or speeding. While there are instances when people really don’t do anything wrong, a majority of the time you know you’re in the wrong, so admit it and let go of your ego and pride.


When the officer comes to your door do the following:


  • Turn the engine off and put your keys on the dash – This may seem like overkill, but is a way to help put the officer at ease knowing you won’t drive away.


  • Turn your lights on – No matter the time of day, it is always important to turn your lights on for everyone’s safety.  


  • Be decent – Ensure you turn your music off, take off your sunglasses, stay in the car, and stay professional.


Remain composed.


Being pulled over does induce anxiety and stress, so it is important to try and stay as composed as possible. Emotions are running wild, but oftentimes, people talk themselves into a ticket and not necessarily out of one, and no matter what you hear, crying does not get you out of a ticket!


As people we just love going fast in cars — it is freeing and fun — so instead of risking being pulled over and receiving ticket after ticket, schedule a racing school adventure with us today!