A sports car racing experience is one that is not too far out of reach, thanks to racing schools that have locations in most big cities around the US. Not only are you able to get behind the wheel of luxury cars such as a Ferrari or Porsche, you meet interesting and exciting folks along the way!

At Racing Adventures, you can find a sports car racing track near you and make your dreams come true in the Phoenix, Houston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. Have a laugh with us today and join us as we poke fun at the people you might meet at a car racing track!

The “Unaware” Driver

This is the car that is leading the pack and takes things very slow and cautiously, yet doesn’t realize that they are holding up a line of cars behind them! This is their “pinch me I’m in a McLaren” moment, so nothing will ruin their day!

The “Excuses” Driver

Whether they hit an oil slick that no other car seems to have slogged through or seem to always slide out and into the wall, it was always something that got in their way. Perhaps they had a foot cramp or a cute little bunny ran in front of their car, they always have an excuse for not being the best driver out on the race track.

The “I’m The Best Driver Out There” Driver

There is always that one person who invites all of their family and friends to show off their mad skills at the track, only to get behind the wheel to show them how slow reserved they are. Not only do they impress themselves with their times, it is their family that finally breaks it to them that they are indeed the slowest on the track!

The “Know-It-All” Driver

This is the driver who loves luxury race cars and loves to tell you about it. You get stories about the history of the race track and why a race car company decided to add a feature to a car to make it perform better, but never will you ever see them out on the track and in a car — they will forever be the sidelined know-it-all!

The “I Just Like To Go Fast” Driver

Whether or not this person is actually racing anyone has yet to be seen, but in his mind, he is passing and lapping everyone! He is the fastest on the track and he always rubs it in to you with his track times.

The “This is My Retirement” Driver

You always seem to meet the grandpa who spends his free days in racing school and perfecting his race car skills — it is basically his new job! He is able to show everyone up in his racing times because, well, he is there everyday!

There are all sorts of amusing people you’ll meet in racing school and bump into in the track — which one are you?!

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