The muddled stereotype that women are bad drivers can be retired thanks impart to women in the professional driving space such as Danica Patrick, Janet Guthier, Milka Duno, and Katherine Legge. All the gendered driving comparisons of women and men are related to everyday driving habits, so really the professional racing school at Racing Adventures is the perfect place for women to ignite and revive their love for the supercar experience. So, grab your tribe and explore all the reasons why Racing Adventures is the place for a girls day out!

The case for strong, supportive friendships

It has been studied and found that women benefit from friendship and social support in the following areas:

  • Immune health
  • The overall quality of life
  • Psychological and emotional health
  • Longevity
  • Resiliency
  • Optimism and positive moods
  • The case for a supercar experience: gather your gals
    Adulting proves one thing: life gets hectic and time is often stretched way too thin. Between the demands of your career, your relationship, and your family, finding and spending quality time with your friends and coordinating schedules is a feat within itself!
    Racing Adventures is the perfect getaway from everyday stress and a great self-care space that incorporates beautiful, exotic race cars to engage your need for speed!
    What you’ll experience on a girls day out at Racing Adventures:
    Group therapy
    The supercar experience bestows a group therapy type atmosphere. Whatever you’re facing in life the supercar experience, along with your gal pals, provides a unique perspective for your problems. It’s bonding experience that teaches you more than how to drift corners; it also teaches you valuable lessons about yourself. Share in the camaraderie and successes in the company of your friends.
    Reduce stress
    The supercar experience is your chance to reduce the stress in your everyday life, or at least ditch it for the day. When you’re in the classroom surrounded with a group of your friends, laughing and learning, your spinning, stressed mind has a chance to relax and decompress and focus on one thing – racing!
    One of the best benefits of gathering your gals for a supercar experience, is that your friends offer complete transparency and accountability. They know you sometimes better than you do, and will hold you to it. For example, while in the classroom you’re all learning about the safety checklist, and you zone out because you decide to check your work email, you better believe they’ll notice and call you on it! Or, if you’re just not present and in the moment, they’ll remind you to snap out of it and focus on where you are and what you’re doing.
    Being in a space where you and your friends are accomplishing a goal together not only strengthens your relationships, but it builds a foundation for further successes in other areas of your life. The supercar experience is confidence building not only on the track with your friends, but in the office when you’re preparing for a presentation.
    Racing Adventures
    At Racing Adventures, we provide you with the supercar experience of learning and racing exotic cars, so all you need is to show up with a group of your friends and take part in life lessons on and off the track!
    Book your supercar experience today!