Exotic supercars are splashed all over social media with celebrities and social influencers alike taking pictures with their cars among the sunsets of the California coast or in front skyscrapers lit by the city. If you had the chance to tour in an exotic supercar, such as a Lamborghini or Aston Martin, where would you take it?

Find out below the unique and picturesque US roads to take for the ultimate supercar experience!

The long and winding roads that lead to a supercar experience

Before we dive into the roads that lead to pure supercar enchantment, we need a small disclaimer, because there will be differing opinions and judgements of the best US roads to tour. This is, by no means, the end all be all, but a simple list of comprehensive roads to tour!

The US is host a myriad of geographical beauties surrounded by oceans and stunning mountain ranges — and between it all, are rivers, canyons, and thousands of lakes. And, thanks to Eisenhower’s 41,000 miles of interstate delights, we are able to traverse all the landscapes the US has to offer!

The east coast

New York – Route 9W to Storm King Highway – Even if you’re city bound, this location is just an hour north of Manhattan on Route 9W. It’s an unassuming highway that wraps around Bear State Park, but when you take the exit for Storm King Highway, you end up on a cliffside drive overlooking the Hudson River.

Maine – Route 1 – If you’ve always wanted to experience the fall foliage that the east coast is known for, taking Route 1 in Maine is a great place to start. Follow the Route 1 along the coast and branch off to Brunswick and end in Ellsworth.

Pennsylvania – Route 30 to Farmington – This familiar land, known as Laurel Heights, may be familiar as it has a famous Frank Lloyd Wright house housed within the trees. Along the drive from Ligonier to Fallwater, prepare for for some lovely twists and turns.

Maryland – Savage River Road – Mayland is the Texas of the east, as it’s known for its rolling hills. Take Savage River Road and connect to Merrill and keep going on through Bloomington. You’ll love feeling the good, sinking feeling of go up and over hills.

Tennessee – Route 64 to Cherokee National Forest – If you’re not in a rush or in search of the biggest adrenaline rush, slow down a little with the mountain view roads in Tennessee. Take in the picturesque views where the movie Thunder Road was filmed.

The midwest

Michigan – M119 Harbor Springs, Michigan – Experience the Tunnel Of Trees is this green haven. Though its elevation isn’t anything like Storm King Highway, what it lacks in altitude, it makes up for in twisty turns among ceilings of green. If you’re still not convinced, you can even hug the northern border of Lake Michigan which makes for stunning views.

Indiana – Route 135 – If you love charming covered bridges, meandering rivers, ghost towns, and elevation gains, the 100-mile stretch of Route 135 to Mauckport will be well rewarding with Instagram-worthy snaps!

Wisconsin – Highway 33, 136, 27, and 60 – This is one of the longer drives that will take a full day, but you’ll tour through Portage, Baraboo, Richland Center, and end in Prairie du Sac. To make it back in time for a cold beer, take I-39 to Madison.

Iowa – L34 from Logan to Council Bluffs – Yes, we know, Iowa?! This short but sweet drive brings you back to the simple life of agriculture, Friday night football, and apple pie. Enjoy the amber waves of grain!

Arkansas – Are you ready to give your RPMs a run for their money? Take the six-mile sprint along SR42 from Cherry Valley to Birdeye for a fast, adrenaline-inducing ride! Or, slow things down with a 190-mile jaunt on Route 9.

The west coast

California – Mulholland Highway to Route 1 – California is known for the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) that hugs and kisses the Pacific coast for most of its stretch. But, if you’re looking for something more remote and removed from the masses, Route 1 has some of the most beautiful driving roads. Chock-full of switchbacks tucked into the hills, this road goes the distance.

Idaho – Old Highway 95, White Bird, Idaho – You may only think of Napoleon Dynamite when Idaho is the topic of conversation, but this is a hidden gem among car enthusiasts! Imagine patchwork colors of various shades of green right in the middle of the Rockies! This is well worth going to Idaho for!

Nevada – NV 158 to NV 157, Mount Charleston – Do you know that Nevada boasts the most mountain ranges of any other state? Get out of the Vegas mindset and cruise by Mount Charleston with beautiful mountain scenery all around.

Colorado – Rabbit Ears Pass – Get high in Colorado by taking Rabbit Ears Pass! This mountain pass is snuggled tight in the Rocky Mountains. The pass gets its name from a basalt rock formation upon sumit, which resembles rabbit ears. Straddle the Continental Divide and look for black bears, foxes, and moose that like to cross.

Hawaii – Mauna Kea State Park – If you find yourself in the aloha state, take in the volcanic landscape of Mauna Kea State Park. Here, you’re surrounded by volcanoes with the clear, blue waters of the pacific in the distance.

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