At Racing Adventures, we provide a high-performance driving school experience for those who want to sharpen their driving skills and for those who are looking for excitement along with confidence behind the wheel. Not only do you spend time in the classroom with an instructor who’s had years of professional experience, learning in a no-pressure environment, but you also get more track time than any other racing school offers! So, what does it take to become a high-performance driving school graduate? Maybe it’s as easy as going back to the basics in driving skills.

Basic Driving Skills

You may have many decades of experience behind the wheel which better prepares you for our high-performance driving school, but before the first day of school, let’s revisit some basic driving skills that make you more successful on the track.

  • Posture – Good posture is touted by chiropractors as the best way to health, and it’s equally important in driving. Your posture not only sets you up for comfort, but it also addresses fatigue and impacts how you control the car. There is no time for fatigue at our racing school as you want to be alert and ready for the conditions, so finding the perfect posture is important. Posture also affects the control you have over the car, so slouching or sitting incorrectly may make it harder to maneuver and turn correctly at corners.
  • Seat belt safety – At Racing Adventures, you will always be required to wear a seatbelt. It’s important to connect your seatbelt under your waist to support you bodyweight. Likewise, you want to ensure that there are no twists or folds in your seatbelt and that it lays flat. The last thing to remember is that your seatbelt is pulled firm and there is no slack.
  • Mirrors – Although in racing school you won’t be competing with any other cars, it’s still important to set your mirrors correctly. Adjust them to suit your needs and what’s comfortable to you. Be sure to have a clear view from the rearview mirror and adjust your side mirrors for blind spots.
  • Consider your focal point – As you’re driving, your brain is scanning the road and assessing the situation. If you’re only focusing on a small range of vision directly in front of you, you’re missing valuable information further in front. When you focus as far in front of you as you can, you allow your brain more time to process potential scenarios such as the upcoming turn, or a cone you’ll soon need to maneuver. Stay alert and look as far forward as you can.
  • Know how to drive a manual transmission – At Racing Adventures, we do offer the option of driving either an automatic or manual transmission, but it’s much more enjoyable to drive stick! This is a basic car skill that allows you the versatility of driving whatever supercar you’d like! More options are always better!

Racing Adventures

We cannot wait for you to experience our high-performance driving school! At our racing school, you’ll equally learn so much about driving and racing as you will yourself. You’ll be both challenged and excited about everything the racing school offers!

If you haven’t already, schedule a high-performance racing school day today!