Driving an exotic car as a daily driver is not practical for a majority of people. Sure, an exotic car attracts attention, harnesses a passion for driving and adrenaline, brings status, carries the highest of quality craftsmanship, and are a dream come true, but the cost and maintenance can be daunting. If you crave high speeds and effortlessly floating corners but don’t have room or a budget for an exotic sport car, consider Racing Adventures for all you luxury car racing needs!

Not that you need more convincing to get out and into a Porsche 911 GT3 or Lamborghini Gallardo, but you’ll learn new driving skills in our driving school that will prepare you in owning your own supercar someday! So, what are the benefits of a Racing Adventures supercar experience? Read below of all the luxuries Racing Adventures supercars provide without shelling out the expense and upkeep!


What are the benefits of Racing Adventures luxury car racing?


In the typical car you have seats, four tires, a steering wheel, and the basic mechanical workings  — there is nothing special, no frills in the vehicle that will get you from point A to point B. A small percentage of the population invests in luxury cars, but for most of us, heated seats are the breadth of luxury. To experience such luxury is a dream come true for most, and as technology advances, you’re witnessing a car designer’s dream of new bells and whistles anywhere they’re applicable, thus the expansion of luxury cars. The benefits of Racing Adventures luxury car racing, goes beyond just a day in the driver’s seat but begins and ends in pure luxury.  


  • Safety – Comparatively, luxury cars feature more safety options than a daily driver. Because of the nature of some of their construction — lightweight materials for speed purposes — they have to compensate with other safety features. At Racing Adventures, our cars are very safe for luxury car racing and, combined with our driving school, this puts our safety standards above our competitors.


  • New technology – Often seen in luxury cars is new, state-of-the-art technology before it hits the mainstream market. Experience rare technology only fashioned in luxury racing cars not only with cutting edge interior features, but mechanical features such as a quality engine and carbon fiber frames.


  • Comfort – When you’re taking intricate turns and trying to beat your last lap time, comfort is non-negotiable, and the manufacturers of luxury cars know it. Crafted with the utmost quality and care, you’ll love never want to get out!


  • Maintenance – Because you’re driving a luxury racing car for the day, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and the costly upkeep — we handle all of it! So, rest assured you’ll step into a perfectly maintained supercar that meet the demanding standards are certification required for the brand’s vehicles.


  • Status – You’ll spend a day with a coveted supercar, leaving your friends wanting what you have! Unfortunately, you can’t drive it home, but you do leave with a professional photo of you and the supercar — you know to frame and for bragging rights!

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If you’re interested in taking full advantage of the luxury car racing experience and all of its benefits,connect with us today at Racing Adventures!