At Racing Adventures, we want everyone to experience and explore high performance driving in one of our four locations, including Phoenix, Houston, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. If you have a love for exotic supercars and if you’re left cleaning up a puddle of drool when a Lamborghini Gallardo cruises by, Racing Adventures is the destination for you and your team. We hold the standard in the supercar experience in the industry in our instruction, our cars, and our business model.

No experience is required or necessary, just a passion and excitement for beautiful, fast, high-functioning cars. If you’re ready to suit up and have the experience of your life while driving one of our six exotic cars, grab your team and accelerate into the sunset.

Why team building at Racing Adventures?

In a work environment in which you’re part of a team, finding your groove and learning how you contribute best is a lengthy process. Having a team that jives and goes with the flow of with the different circumstances and stressors that come from working together is something that isn’t created in a day, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Being on a team requires every member to show up as their authentic selves and then bend and shift to fit the needs of the team and the demands of the business. Issues and opportunities arise when people disagree, don’t act in the way you would, are apathetic to the business — thus there is no extra effort put forth — and don’t act from integrity. And, there are other messy things in between; working on a team is never black and white. You know the saying, “team work makes the dream work;” that sentiment rings true for a reason. When you have a collective cohesive group, all working within a common framework to achieve goals, that is where the magic happens. When the boss announces “we’re going to do team building this quarter,” most employees sigh and expect a Michael Scott (from The Office) moment. It doesn’t have to be that awkward, trying-too-hard scenario. Your company needs an exhilarating and challenging team building experience, and Racing Adventures can help foster it in one of our supercar adventures!

Team culture

Culture is a buzzword making its way into the workplace. Company culture encompasses a set of values, beliefs, habits, and vision. Spending time with your team outside the work space allows for camaraderie and connection with one another — something that may not take place in the work day, because oftentimes there is not time. When you book a sports car racing experience at Racing Adventures, the time you spend with your colleagues in the classroom and on the track, only solidifies a positive dynamic and the company culture. You’re able to joke and have a good time, and also support each other in their racing quest.

Developing trust

Especially if you’re a new team or a growing company, you may have just been put together. It’s hard to be on a team with people you don’t know, so building a foundation of trust is crucial. At Racing Adventures, trust is easily built because you’re learning and experiencing how to drive an exotic car. People’s skills will become apparent and you’ll begin to understand how each team member fits a piece of the puzzle.

Developing communication

A communication break-down on teams (and in life) is where a majority of issues spring from. Learning to communicate more effectively is vital for a team’s performance. Each team member brings a set of skills and talents that are different from others, which is why you need each person to contribute. The more interaction you have as a team, the easier it becomes to identify and assess the overall picture of the team. At Racing Adventures, teams face triumphs and tribulations on the track, and that allows for discussion and communication. This isn’t a company picnic that you spend an hour at, this is an all-day event where you and your colleagues unite for a common goal: racing an exotic supercar!

What are you waiting for?

Did you just assemble a dream team, but need all the pieces (people) to come together? Or, are you facing a period of growing-pains and need to unite people? At Racing Adventures, we cater to every kind of team dynamic, and we are here to offer and promote team building to your company.

Join us today!