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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a racecar to its limits? The wind, the rumble, the speed and you! Until now this has only remained a dream for most. Racing Adventures is where it can really happen! Only your wits and skills are at the controls. Under the direction and supervision of our professional coaches you can explore the world of precision and speed in the seat of one of our powerful racecars.

The challenge and excitement of becoming a better skilled and more confident driver has never been so much fun or so easy. You will be supplied with everything you need for a great time. A racing suit, helmet, a certificate of achievement and an 8X10 color photo of you by the car in your racing gear to show your friends and family. You will not only learn the basics to advanced skills of high performance driving and racing but you will also have the chance to test what you have learned in a real race car on a real race track.


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Your day begins at 9:00 AM sharp and will go to about 5 pm. Among other interesting and informative information, the classroom sessions covers: car dynamics, drivers dynamics, car balance, skid characteristics, safety, and basic race rules. The classroom sessions run in between the driving sessions, allowing you maximum drive time. This gets you out on the track right way. Participants are outfitted with helmets, racing uniforms and assigned to cars. We start with several skill exercises on the skid pad to get you familiar with the cars and the demands of the afternoon lapping sessions.

This program teaches you high performance driving and racing skills. Not to worry, at this level you will not be racing against other cars.

9:00am - Classroom session begins (30 mins)

Skill Drills

* Threshold braking exercise
* Accident avoidance / vision exercises
* Line interpretation/track walk session
* Lunch - Photo session
* Lead follow pace lapping approx - 10 laps
* Advanced pace lapping - Approx 10 laps
* Open lapping (2 sessions) - Approx 20 laps
* On day completion / Graduation ceremony
One day course - $1300 Cobra - Corvette/$1400 Porsche

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'Racing Adventures' driver coaches will take you step by step through a full program of driving skills as you explore your potential and develop your abilities in a friendly, no- pressure environment. By the end of the day you will be out there lapping the track at your speed by yourself in one of our racecars. Yes, you drive the Corvettes, Porsches and Cobra Repliracers, not some other car nobody mentioned at registration.

Unlike many other schools.,.. at Racing Adventures you will be lapping the full track, by yourself, at your own pace, on the first day in a real racecar! We are often complemented that we provide more 'in car track time' than most other schools! No, not 4 hours in a classroom, no not just 8 or 10 laps in some street car, you will get a full day of fun and learning! You will be worn out from driving, not from crawling in and out of a car window! Rest and eat well before your day as you will be having fun that you have never before experienced!

We will supply almost everything you need for a great day: helmets, driving suits, beverages and even sunscreen are all provided. All that you really need to bring is a pair of shoes that do not have large grip type soles. A narrow shoe with a thin sole is ideal for pedal work. We provide the car, equipment and expertise - what you provide is curiosity and desire.

No qualifications are required beyond a valid drivers license and the desire to listen and learn. A certificate of achievement and an 8X10 color souvenir photo of you beside your racecar will be presented during your graduation ceremony at days end.

Level II - Racing Adventures -

Those graduates of one of the level one 'Racing Adventures' who want to explore the world of advance driving strategies and skill along with a lot of lapping should also take the level II racing school. We recommend that you do the level I and II on consecutive days as the program was written this way. If this is not possible you can return at a later date and still get the most out of the program.

If time and money permit, the level one and two courses were designed to be taken together. However, they can be taken as two stand-alone courses and form a complete course. If you cannot take them together you can always come back for level II later!

This program teaches you high performance driving and racing skills but you will not be racing against other cars. You will be allowed to pass other cars in selected zones after we teach passing.

* Level 1 school review
* Track lapping review and practice lapping
* Car awareness drill
* Open Session
* Passing drill
* Open session
* Surprise exercise
* Open session
* Graduation

One day course $1300/!1400











Level III - $1500

For some time our students have been requesting another level of focused instruction before they set themselves loose in an open track session. Level three is now just this. This course includes but is not limited to personal instruction to each student with instructor ride-alongs, individual critique, trail braking, alternate line interpretation, extensive track lapping and video analysis of your skills! Limited dates available.

Upcoming Dates:
Please call!


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Click here for Exotic car lapping pricing!

Ridealongs are also available - $199 in any Exotic Supercar.

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If you want to strap in and enjoy a ride with one of our pros to see how it is really done the ride-a-long is for you! $199* for 3 laps. Choose Cobra or Corvette!(Porsche only available in Phoenix)

Often we get calls from people who would like to use their own car in our school. They own a car that they would like to drive better or have just purchased one that they need to learn to drive better or safer. Often these cars are sports cars - but not all the time. We can help you here. If your car is in good repair and passes our inspection you can get it on the track in one of our schools. If this interests you, give us a call to discuss your car and the track dates.

The cost per day to do a school in your own car is $399 at all locations. Please add $100 per day for Level 3 if driving your own car.

In-Car Cameras

In car cameras are available so you can re-live your `Racing Adventure' with family and friends time after time. This system provides you with a DVD with a view of the track. What better way to remember your experience! Your investment is $69. Please call and arrange this in advance of the school. Cameras are only available on our cars.

So you can't drive a stick!

No problem - You will need to arrive 15 mins prior to the regular class and we can teach you to drive a standard transmission. The charge for this is $50 as it can be hard on clutches.

Level 1

Racing Adventure - $1300 Cobra
$1400 Porsche

Level 2

Racing Adventure - $1300 Cobra
$1400 Porsche

Level 3

Racing Adventure - $1300 Cobra
$1500 Porsche

Level 1&2

Racing Adventure - $2400 Cobra
$2600 Porsche

Drive your car

Level 1, 2 or 3- $399(Level 3 add $100)

Private Lessons - Please inquire!

We offer a 10% military discount with proper ID!

At Racing Adventures High Performance Driving School we not only have the coolest racecars we have the most modern progressive race school programs available anywhere for individuals, corporate programs, incentive programs, team building and group programs. As well we have more convenient race track locations across North America in Canada and the United States. More locations to serve you than any other sports car race school, high performance driving school or Exotic Supercar lapping program anywhere! We deliver racing school programs in Las Vegas at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park, Los Angeles at Willow Springs Raceway, Houston at GrandSport MotorSports Park and Phoenix at Arizona Motorsports Park!

In Ontario, Canada we run at Shannonville Motorsport Park.

* Our High Performance Driving School pricing starts at $1300/$1400 for a full day program or $2400/$2600 for two days. With Cobra Repli-racers and Porsche 911 Carreras we have the racercars anyone would dream to drive.

You can also use your car in our program for $399 per day or even take some private lessons.

Our Exotic Supercar lapping Sessions start at just $275 in our World Class, Aston Martin Vanquish, FFR Cobra repla-racers, Corvette, Ferrari Modena, Ford GT40, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911 Carrera sportscars.

Additionally Racing Adventures Exotic Supercar fleet also delivers street drive tours in Las Vegas, Phoenix, California's Wine Country, plus up and down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

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