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What could be better than a tour down the World Famous Pacific Coast Hwy in California a drive in wine country? How about the lakes and sonoran desert around Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona.

In Californaia and Arizona you will drive a selection from Aston Martin Vanquish V12, FFR Cobra, Ferrari Modena, RCR Ford GT40, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 Carrera.

We will make sure we get your picture with each of the cars for your office wall. Beverages will be supplied along the way along with high end lunch included. Hotel is included on two day programs in California.

You can bring a guest along for the ride or they can share the driving duties for an extra charge.

For the driver(s) every experience will include a logo golf shirt, a logo ball cap, pictures in front of each car and a sports bag to keep all your stuff together along the way.


Imagine 240 miles of pure excitement, beautiful scenery, crashing ocean waves and twisty roads on Californias's World Famous Pacific Coast Highway.

We will meet you at our local host resort in Monterey, California and run with you down to Pismo Beach/San Luis Obismo area past Carmel, The Hurst Castle, Alfred Hitchcocks former residence, Elephant Seal Beach, plus the pacific ocean and the senic cliffs. We then return to Monterey where you started! So much to be discoverd!

Along with beverage service throughout your travels a special lunch and break will be provided at the turn around point.

Your investment for the One Day Tour - $1699 (Passenger add $150, Co Driver add $350)

Two day overnight trips are available that will allow stops longer stops including but not limited to Elephant Seal Beach, The Hearst Castle(2 hour Tour included) and a Sand rail buggy drive on right on Pismo Beach, and a evening Winery Tour!

Your investment for the Two Day Tour - $2950 (Passenger add $250, Co Driver add $500 - (Specific activities and accommodations extra, this allows you to choose your activities - please inquire!)


PhoenixHalf day program - You will leave Scottsdale at 8:30am or 1pm depending on if you choose the morning run or the afternoon run. You will follow the lead car North through Cave Creek for a coffee break and quick bite to eat. From Cave Creek we will head down the hill to Bartlett Lake and back up and then back to home base.

Your investment - $599(Passenger add $100. Co-Driver $250)

Starting October 15, 2014.

Full day Program - You will leave Scottsdale at 8:00am and head towards the cowboy town of and take a cruise down main street or Wickenburg, AZ. From there you will pass through Congress, Az and head up the twisty Yarnell Hill to Prescott and the famous Whiskey Row. You will have lunch in Palace Saloon and may sit in the same booth as Wyatt Ear or Doc Holiday once sat on their way to the OK corral. This will get you ready for the rest of your drive. From Prescott you will head up the hill to the mining town of Cottonwood and then down into Sedona to see the famous red rocks of this arts little town.

Your investment for the day - $1699(Passenger add $150/Co Driver $250)

Starting October 15, 2013

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Your regular auto insurance policy or rental car on your credit card is primary for this car rental. We do have secondary insurance at an additional cost should it be required.

September 2014
Sept 10, 2013 PCH - One Day Tour
Sept 11&12, 2013 PCH - Two Day Tour
Sept 13, 2013 PCH - One Day Tour
October 2014
Oct 14, 2013 PCH - One Day Tour
Oct 15&16, 2013 PCH - Two Day Tour
Oct 17, 2013 PCH - One Day Tour
November 2014
Nov 11, 2013 PCH - One Day Tour
Nov 12&13, 2013 PCH - Two Day Tour
December 2014
Dec 18, 2013 PCH - One Day Tour - Special Christmas Tour!
Dec 19&20, 2013 PCH - Two Day Tour - Special Christmas Tour!
January 2015
TBA PCH - One Day Tour
TBA PCH - Two Day Tour - Day 1
TBA PCH - Two Day Tour - Day 2
February 2015
TBA PCH - One Day Tour
TBA PCH - Two Day Tour - Day 1
TBA PCH - Two Day Tour - Day 2

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