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Gift Certificates are available in any dollar amount. Order yours today!
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General Policies... Confirmations

We will try to contact you to confirm your scheduled date but this is not always possible. Therefore please ensure that you confirm your school date and location 30 days in advance of the desired date with us by email. Please email us at

Program Cancellation Policy

While most other schools have a no show/no refund policy inside 60 days prior to the scheduled date we have come up with some different solutions. If for any reason you must cancel your school program the following will apply. If you cancel your program 60 days prior to your scheduled date or cancel a open date program you will receive a refund less a $150 administration fee. This covers our lost commissions to the credit card companies, sales staff and the labor involved in scheduling you. Refunds may take up to 60 days to process. You can reschedule to a future date at no charge. Programs cancelled, changed or rescheduled for any reason six months after the date of purchase are non refundable for any reason. If you do not show up on your scheduled event without any notice you will be cancelled with no refund or reschedule possible. Programs purchased at a discount or through brokers or daily deal sites and nor refundable for any reason.


If you need to reschedule your date you need to do this at least 60 days in advance of your date to avoid a possible rescheduling bump of your spot to a new purchaser. Inside of 60 days of your original scheduled program date you may rescheduled with notice at your convenience. However you will be placed on a list that will allow any new enrollment to bump you out if the space is required. You can then reschedule again for free into the next available space that fits your schedule and ours.

Payment Policy

To guarantee your scheduled school spot a 50% payment of your total school program cost is required at the time of booking with the balance due 60 days before your scheduled. If you have paid your deposit with a credit card we will charge that credit card the balance of your invoice 60 days in advance of your school date unless otherwise notified by you.

School cancellations

The student agrees that the school, its instructors and personnel shall have the right at any time, which they in their sole discretion may see fit, to cancel their enrollment in the school, either before, after, or during any particular lesson or stage, for any reason whatsoever, and without giving cause. The School reserves the right to cancel a school day without repercussion from the customer. We suggest that all traveling clients obtain travel cancellation insurance as the school will not be responsible for uninsured plane tickets, hotel or any other expense incurred by the student because of a cancelled school date. If the school date is cancelled by the school or track for whatever reason the student may reschedule at no charge but no refunds will be issued.


Guests are welcome to watch the school proceed but will be accommodated in a safe area away from the instruction and moving cars. Guests are not invited into the classroom session or near the on track instructional sessions as other have paid for this valuable information.

Car Failures

Though it is rare - should the school car you selected fail mechanically during your school day we reserve the right to move you into one of our other school cars to complete the day.

Car insurance

Racecar insurance is available for your race day for our school cars. You can accept or decline the insurance. You are responsible for the school car you may be driving. The cost for insurance is $100 per day for the full day programs and $50 per day for the half-day programs or lapping progreams. This gives the student a $5000 deductible. In the event of an incident the cost of the incident up to $5000 (the deductible) will be charged to your credit card if you have the insurance. If for some reason your credit card declines you can make arrangements to pay the damage amount of up to $5000 by cash or bank draft within 24hrs. If the payment is not made within 24hrs your insurance will be considered void and you will be responsible for the full cost of the repairs. You must have a valid Visa or Mastercard credit card to participate. If you choose to decline the insurance you will be responsible for the full cost of the car repairs, the car and any other expenses the school incurs because of the loss of the car. If you choose to decline the insurance we will place a $5000 hold on your credit card until after the session is completed and the car is returned to us. A credit card and drivers license is required for participation!


The pedals are very close together on our racecars. Large wide thick-soled shoes will not be allowed as they sometimes catch on the wrong pedals. This includes many types of jogging shoes. This may cause a student to be refused entry into the program. Please review the shoe types that are allowed on our website.

Start Times

Please be on time. A student may be refused entry into the program if they arrive after the program has started. They may then reschedule.(See Above) Strat times may vary depending on the time of year.

Rain and Heat

We have no control over the weather conditions. We do run in the rain and the heat unless the school deems the conditions unsafe. If the school cancels a program due to weather the student will be issued full credit to book into a future date but no refunds will be given. If the student feels the weather is too extreme they may reschedule at their discretion.(See above)


All certificates/purchases are valid until used. A $25 charge will be added at the time of scheduling for each unused year for the administration of the unused certificate from the time of purchase.

Racing Adventures, Groove Union and Legend Motors Inc. reserve the right to change or alter these policies at anytime Any changes can be seen on our website at All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with this Waiver and Release or any other Waiver or policy provided by the school or their subject matter and all disputes arising out of or in any way connected with the "Student's" participation in the "School" shall be resolved through arbitration in Nevada for USA based programs and Alberta for Canadian based programs. The student will be required to sign a personal risk waiver by the track and the by the school on the program day. If you would like to request this waiver in advance of you purchased school day please contact our offices.

At Racing Adventures High Performance Driving School we not only have the coolest racecars we have the most modern progressive race school programs available anywhere for individuals, corporate programs, incentive programs, team building and group programs. As well we have more convenient race track locations across North America in Canada and the United States. More locations to serve you than any other sports car race school, high performance driving school or Extotic Supercar lapping program anywhere! We deliver racing school programs in Los Angeles at Willow Springs Raceway, Houston at GrandSport Speedway and Phoenix at Arizona Motorsports Park!

In Ontario, Canada we run at both Mosport International Raceway and Shannonville Motrosport Park as well as Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta.

* Our High Performance Driving School pricing starts at $625 for a half day program, $1150 for a full day program or $2100 for two days. With Corvette, Cobra Repli-racers and Porsche 911 Carreras we have all the racercars anyone would dream to drive.

You can also use your car in our program for $399 per day or even take some private lessons.

Our Exotic Supercar lapping Sessions start at just $250 in our World Class, Aston Martin Vanquish, FFR Cobra repla-racers, Corvette, Ferrari Modena, Ford GT40, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911 Carrera sportscars.

Additionally Racing Adventures Exotic Supercar fleet also delivers street drive tours in Las Vegas, California's Wine Country, plus up and down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

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