Edmonton, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Toronto.

Aston Martin, Cobra, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini & Porsche!

High Performance Driving School & Exotic Supercar Driving.

No Experience Required, Fun Expected!


April 25/26 - 2014

Levels 1 or 2 or half day or Exotic Supercar Lapping
Phoenix - Arizona MotorSports Park



May 9/10/11

Levels 1 or 2 or half day or Exotic Supercar Lapping
Houston - GrandSport


May 17 - 2014

Levels 1 or 2 or Half day or Exotic Supercar Lapping
Phoenix - Arizona MotorSports Park


June 2/3/6 - 2014 - 2014

Levels 1 or 2 or Half day or Exotic Supercar Lapping
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Castrol Raceway


June 12/13 - 2014

Levels 1 or 2 or Half day or Exotic Supercar Lapping
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Shannonville


July 10/11 - 2014

Levels 1 or 2 or Half day or Exotic Supercar Lapping
Shannonville - Toronto

We can offer you programs from driving world class exotic supercars on a real racetrack to full one or two day Racing Adventures high performance driving lessons on many different racetracks throughout the United States and Canada.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a racecar to its limits? The wind, the rumble, the speed and you! Until now this has only remained a dream for most. Racing Adventures is where it can really happen! Only your wits and skills are at the controls. Under the direction and supervision of our professional driver coaches you can explore the world of precision and speed in the seat of one of our powerful racecars or World Class Exotic Supercars. The challenge and excitement of becoming a better skilled and more confident driver has never been so much fun or so easy!

"Dear Dave,

Thank you for the wonderful experience yesterday in the Corvette. It was both exciting and informative. I have to admit going 1X0-1X0 mph was the BEST! Thank you for your skill and instructions. I plan to be back later this year, when you come back to Phoenix..
Thanks Again for a Great time.

Bob GuXXXa"


Don't worry about choosing dates cars or all the other stuff involved in gift giving. Just request an open date certificate or purhcase a dollar amount gift certificate and let the receiver of the certificate choose the car, date and program later. Our gift certificates do not expire! MORE DATES, LOCATIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE THAN ANYONE ELSE! FREE T-Shirt and personalized certificate with every purchase!



Comprehensive High Performance Driving lessons.


Drive Exotic World Class Supercars on the Race Track

Drive our FFR Cobra Spec Racers, Corvettes or our Porsche 911 Carrera's in programs from $625/$825 for a Half day. Full day programs start at $1199/$1399 and Two day programs are offered as well!

No experience required! Free Racing Adventures

T-Shirt with every program sold! See below!

Drive your car on track for a full day from $399.

Corporate Programs - Inquire!


Drive the Exotic Supercar of your dreams on a real racetrack. We have Aston Martin, FFR Cobra Spec Racers, Corvettes, Porsche 911 Carrera, Ford GT40, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

Don't get fooled by the discounters and their offers of limited dates, limited laps, driving in parking lots, pace cars and pushing more people through the cars per hour leading to less attention to you and your drive. Don't let this once in a lifetime experience become rushed and unpleasant!

No experience required! Free Racing Adventures T-Shirt and Photograph with every program sold!

Basic 5 lap programs. Aston Martin Vanquish $399 Cobra RR $249! Corvette C7 $349, Porsche 911 Carrera $249 Ferrari Modena $349, Ferrari 458 $399, Lamborghini Galardo $399

Corporate Programs - Inquire!

Think of us as the HIGH END PERSONAL BOUTIQUE type of an experience at a fair price! Each one of our programs has a unique taste and feel. Just look at our really cool cars, they are not your everyday fare....... and your experience will not be either! Unlike some others you will be lapping the full track by the end of the first day all by yourself!

Racing Adventures will send you a personalized gift certificate and a free Supercar Driver T-shirt with every sale. All you have to do is request the size! Gift certifcates for our racing school or Exotic Supercar lapping programs are available in any dollar amount or program you desire.

Firebird Raceway

At Racing Adventures High Performance Driving School we not only have the coolest racecars we have the most modern progressive race school programs available anywhere for individuals, corporate programs, incentive programs, team building and group programs. As well we have more convenient race track locations across North America in Canada and the United States. More locations to serve you than any other sports car race school, high performance driving school or Extotic Supercar lapping program anywhere! We deliver racing school programs in Los Angeles at Willow Springs Raceway, Houston at GrandSport Speedway and Phoenix at Arizona Motorsports Park!

In Ontario, Canada we run at both Mosport International Raceway and Shannonville Motrosport Park as well as Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta.

* Our High Performance Driving School pricing starts at $625 for a half day program, $1150 for a full day program or $2100 for two days. With Corvette, Cobra Repli-racers and Porsche 911 Carreras we have all the racercars anyone would dream to drive.

You can also use your car in our program for $399 per day or even take some private lessons.

Our Exotic Supercar lapping Sessions start at just $250 in our World Class, Aston Martin Vanquish, FFR Cobra repla-racers, Corvette, Ferrari Modena, Ford GT40, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911 Carrera sportscars.

Additionally Racing Adventures Exotic Supercar fleet also delivers street drive tours in Las Vegas, California's Wine Country, plus up and down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

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